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24-02-17, 08:16 AM
We need light in order to create darkness
It takes the power of light to make darkness happen
Without light, there can be no darkness

When we dive into our mind
What exactly can we see
Is there hope or inspiration
Is there an emotional abdication

What is the cause of my misery
Can the answers be found checking my history
What is the path that I must choose
I canít decide for I may lose

My reality has altered
My mental state has faltered
If only I was able to cry
I canít you see cos Iím a guy

I am the rock you rely on me
I am the one who must simply be
Supporting others to hell with me
And yes you know thatís where Iíll be

Why canít you see this pain I carry
This awful burden is my adversary
You think this is just arbitrary
In a wooden box itís me youíll carry

24-02-17, 08:33 AM
That's really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

24-02-17, 10:43 AM
Thanks for sharing, very poignant.

28-02-17, 12:14 AM

The light is so pure
The colours are serene
This is the most beautiful
Place I’ve ever seen

You should come here for a visit
Or even for a while
You might just fall in love with it
Forever it will make you smile

There are rugged mountains
Wild animals roaming the moors
There are freshwater lochs
This land it can be yours
You will never find
A place that’s so diverse
Everyone will stop to speak
With you they will converse
Take a trip to the highlands
Dance through the heather
Or come and see the lowlands
Never mind the weather

02-03-17, 01:45 AM
Just Another Day

Here I stand and Here I will fall
My back once more against the wall
Can someone put a light on
For I fear what I will see

For once the light at the end of the tunnel is not the oncoming train
There is a way out and to stop feeling this pain
I try to move forward
But something is puling me back again and again

Fight it I will
Fight it I must
Who out there can help me
Who can I trust

At this moment there is a passion
I am ready to engage
This fight with depression
I won't win with rage

So forward I go
I step to the light
Hard as it is
And try as I might

What is it that is out there
What is it I fear
Should I go towards it
Should I let it come near

Now I am confused
I am tired and weary
Rest for my will
Then I will see clearly

03-03-17, 01:53 PM
Into The Happy

Let's go into the happy
Lets all do it
And make it snappy

There doesn't have to be
So much misery
Let's go into the happy

24-06-17, 01:53 PM
Yes Camerman this poems tells how hard it is for men to cry and be the ones who need support when in everything that we see men are there to be strong and fearless which I am sure then so many men in wartime were not up against the most fearsome events and things that affect the lives of so many. Thank you for that poem as my son suffers with depression and mania and sometimes is reluctant to accept help.(handshake)