View Full Version : Fab 5's: 6th January 2017

06-01-17, 09:32 AM
Well it's the first one of the year!


What 5 (or more, or less) things have been positive for you or made you smile this week?

no negativity
smiling at this thread counts
they don't have to be huge things - enjoying a cuppa is just as valid as circumnavigated around the world solo on a unicycle!

Mine to get you started:

~ Spending time with my littler people.
~ Stella's massive achievements this week.
~ The fantastic strong friendships and support I always get from the mod teams.
~ The feeling of space now the Christmas decs are down.
~ Shopping with the littler people spending their Christmas money!
~ Having a Dr who listened and didn't judge.

Your turn!

06-01-17, 12:57 PM
1. Spending fun time with my little person (well she's the same size as me now so not so little) this week.
2. Having hubby put all the decorations up into the attic. Like you Suzi, the space is amazing.
3. My sister called over for a coffee this morning. Unexpected and it was lovely to see her.
4. A new year and a year full of hope and optimism for me.
5. The support that I get from everyone here. It's made my decision to become a Mod again so much easier. (panda)

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06-01-17, 01:51 PM
This was much easier at 5 am this morning when I had it all in my head. Anyway...

Surviving having a last minute dinner date and overnight stay without losing the plot too badly.
Having an easier counselling session.
Braving a trip to Birmingham yesterday.
Knowing that I have friends here who care and are watching my back
Listening to the latest offering from Bon Jovi. It's pretty good.

07-01-17, 12:45 PM
Hey, sorry I'm late :)

- having a wonderful birthday with my family, absolutely spoilt rotten :)
- Katie having a lovely,birthday, and loving her presents
- watching an amazing film, and weeping buckets. A Monster Calls is one to watch imo
- jess getting through her first week of mocks
- coping with a very busy work shift
- making a very important decision, going against my Drs wishes and my family's, but knowing it's right for me and sticking to my guns