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13-11-16, 09:12 PM
This is the original DWD posse


Well, "my boys" are bored, so.... What do you want my posse to go out and track down for you?

The rules are simple:

No money
No lottery tickets
No unlimited goes
Nothing like "World peace and happiness" or "No end to xxx illness/disease" etc
You get to post something you want my boys to go out and find for you.
The next person becomes the posse and finds and posts a picture of that item.
They can then say what they want the posse to find for them and so the game continues...

I would like the posse to find me a huge and sticky chocolate cake which is calorie free ;)

13-11-16, 09:57 PM
I went a step further and found a negative calorie one

http://i1317.photobucket.com/albums/t636/Paula_ryland/IMG_0333_zpsjs5bz6ze.png (http://s1317.photobucket.com/user/Paula_ryland/media/IMG_0333_zpsjs5bz6ze.png.html)

I want the posse to find me a bright pink wrist support (may also have sparkles)

14-11-16, 02:56 PM
A Negative calories chocolate cake? AWESOME!

OO this kind?


Could I please have lots and lots and lots of ice cream and cocktails?

14-11-16, 06:58 PM
Some manners for Mr.Trump and a nice respectable dress for his wife now she is going to be first lady. No cleavage please.

15-11-16, 08:09 PM
Suzi, here is an ice cream cocktail for you:


Mr Purple, here is a nice respectable dress for Mrs T, the posse were unable to locate the place to stick Mr T's manners so sorry about that:


I'd like the the posse to bring me the nicest bath EVAH please! Bubbles and a rubber ducky are not optional!

15-11-16, 10:52 PM
To me this is almost perfect:


Although this might be more your taste...

Or this one?


I'd like the DWD Posse to find me a snuggly bed miles away from anyone and anything apart from the sea!

15-11-16, 11:12 PM
I'll take the middle one please, although the first one looks lovely I'd be concerned about dog walker seeing my norks! ;-)

Here's your bed madam, the waiter service (who stays at a discrete distance) is turning down the covers and leaving a Baileys and chocolate ice cream cocktail (or four) for you. And a bell, so you can summon him for anything else. Just dismiss him when you're ready for sleep.


15-11-16, 11:14 PM
That looks amazing! Thank you. You didn't say what you wanted from the DWD Posse?

16-11-16, 01:27 PM
That looks amazing! Thank you. You didn't say what you wanted from the DWD Posse?

Doh! I'd like a trip to the bright lights of a city please dwd posse!