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09-06-16, 08:33 PM
How cool is this? A fantastic project!


09-06-16, 08:37 PM
Love it!

09-06-16, 08:42 PM

20-06-16, 08:44 PM
I think it is a good idea for the residents of this place to get involved in projects lik art and gardening. My only concern would be how long are the pieces of art on display? I know when i was in the sanctuary they had a lot of creative projects on the go, but the problem was keeping an interest.
Depression is a very personal feeling and projects lik this are good in that it helps th person who has depression explore the works of art from his won perspective. I found art very therapeutic as i was able to look at my inner darkness through the bright colours of the art. It took a while but i think more projects lik this would be good.