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04-04-16, 02:25 PM
Up until today!

Once upon a time Poppy the cat sat In the window, pondering about the postman's underpants as they were yellow. He decided to walk Spinning the whole time, singing loudly and proudly for all to hear About bacon and eggs Fried, with HP sauce And served on a Roasted sweet potato shell. He washed it down With an ice cold Full glass of chardonnay, half pint of rum, Whey hey me hearties! After necking all that He was violently sick And lost the post As well as his ducks! He couldn't remember Where he'd put them. He found some clues.. A strange feather there, Some glittery residue here, Some unicorn hair everywhere, With lots of bells And whistles. But that Hens have arrived! Peck, peck they go Fighting with the ducks Save those bloomin' ducks! The ducks retaliate and Take his tickets out Along with his pride.
Eventually, the ducks get chauffeur driven to Glasgow and set up a Radio and television station wasn't all there was To hope for there and became a millionaire!
A small matter of What they would call the day before the world might end. So Armageddon Eve was Chosen. Moving into the Light. They decided that they would take a trip across the pond to the little fairy island. But not before they had a cheese sandwich, scotch eggs and gherkins, with lashings of lemonade. Proper, homemade, sweet lemonade drunk through a straw With a secret 'kick'. soooo goood hic, burp Excuse me said the Lollipop man. Can I Have some too?
The land of the pink elephants and giant marshmallow eating rainbow wearing mushroom eating postmen, where the grass isn't greener, But eating 'mushrooms' means euphoric psychadelic visionary experiences!!! Made a mistake thought the cat, he looked in the mirror And saw a tiger with big sharp teeth and yellow material between the ivory white molars. I know that shade He thought with a Vacuum cleaner hose connecting which was ridiculously hard especially considering his hand Was missing 3 fingers, a thumb and had a bandage wrapped around his poor throbbing paw that he had caught in the combine harvester While sowing his oats. He grimaced and decided He would rather be drinking ice cold beer! Wouldn't we all said The dog next to the two-headed hamster Who forget to wear His plastic rolling ball. Cracked open and revealed offering fit for a egg bound turgid ukulele.
As if by magic the shop keeper appears twitching uncertainly and holding A large peculiar shaped instrument of unearthly design. An object known as the Umbooboo rod, known To regularly be inserted into conversation. but while Holding your breath, difficult To talk about anything even things you donít normally forget. Suddenly a Strong gust of wind Blew over the big Wig, who fell under The table into a Big vat of boiling Hot Malvern spring water! Great to drink but Not on a Friday, today is Saturday yipeee. I'm having a party and I will invite Winston Churchill and Prince, Naseem Hamed, Shirley Bassey. Diamonds are forever, forever unless they are fake. in which case you Fake until you make babies with a hedgehog Ouch! Every woman shouts while extracting spines fromÖ
Mermaids swimming free in the wild Atlantic catching salmon in nets but not the dolphins. Looking up and seeing big black storm clouds taking the shape of A three legged donkey who was not quick. The tortoise beat him but he had style and a cheeky grin. and knew the carrots Would offer some form the tortoise didn't have. thank goodness he was

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(rofl)(rofl) it's a masterpiece! And I love how our leader managed to put it into paragraphs (giggle)

04-04-16, 06:03 PM
I tried! It took a while and isn't perfect, but it's how it's been written!

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04-04-16, 06:14 PM
You are all playing the game way too nicely.