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11-05-15, 06:16 PM
I love a bit of interior design.
The sitting room is coming along nicely now

From this
to this

And this
to this

Just gotta get the edging strips on between the skirting and the floor, and then I can get the furniture back, yay!

11-05-15, 06:18 PM
One word, wow.

Looking great Rose. Again Wow (y)

11-05-15, 06:31 PM
That looks brilliant. The difference is amazing. A lot of hard work, went into that.
Wow! Step back and take a pat on your back.

11-05-15, 07:15 PM
Not quite there yet, the edging strips need to go on and then its done. Its only a third of the room as well.... its taken 5 days to do!!!

Come on forum, let's see some of your interior design projects!

11-05-15, 07:18 PM
5 days for all that work is amazing! And I love the pink :)

11-05-15, 07:58 PM
Wow that's beautiful! Well done hunni!

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11-05-15, 08:03 PM
I'll have to dig out some of the pics from when I moved in. Did you see the kitchen pics?

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11-05-15, 08:12 PM
My fireplace I built

http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e338/bad1814/Facebook/Mobile%20Uploads/10641121_10152466333348393_2912640750681720566_n_z pslgcbwqvl.jpg~original

11-05-15, 08:14 PM
Oh wow Stella, wanna come and do my fireplace? No I don't think I saw the kitchen pics?

11-05-15, 08:17 PM
Wow Rose you have been busy and that looks great am loving the pink colour
Thats really good Stella,

11-05-15, 08:24 PM
I think I already showed these, but here goes. The first are pictures of the website when it was for sale. Mind you the kitchen looked nice but in fact was horrible and almost 20 years old. Had to remove it completly and did almost all the rooms over. Even complete walls because of damage to it all.



next set



next ones :) On the first pic in the corner you can see the wallpaper is a little darker. Thats all water in there. I ran my fingers over it and I went through the wall.



Last ones.




Please keep in mind that the before pics are made by a pro and the after I took them half an hour ago on my phone haha

11-05-15, 08:30 PM
WOW! You've made such a huge difference! I'm loving your furniture too!

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11-05-15, 08:32 PM
Kitchen before and during work...


And the finished article...

http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e338/bad1814/Facebook/Mobile%20Uploads/10698451_10152670618118393_3801461371576446957_n_z psaqcdyzbw.jpg~original
http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e338/bad1814/Facebook/Mobile%20Uploads/10849994_10152670618058393_6682842288778615547_n_z pspougopvj.jpg~original
http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e338/bad1814/Facebook/Mobile%20Uploads/1978768_10152670618173393_5543524983838026207_n_zp sqxa4xncr.jpg~original

11-05-15, 08:33 PM
The kitchen looks fab, is it bare brick or wallpaper? The floor is so much better too.
Its so much more modern but with a classic twist. I love it :)

11-05-15, 08:34 PM
Fabulous! Loving your work!

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11-05-15, 08:39 PM
Welfs Castle is looking AWESOME!!! You must be so proud of all you achieved

11-05-15, 08:42 PM
Stella, what a change!!!!

I knew you guys would all be awesome at this interior design game :)

11-05-15, 08:43 PM
Thanks Rose, The wall is wallpaper. We had to put a plaster? wall in to get the whole thing level with the tiles on the floor. So it looked even. Lot of work and did most of it with a friend. I do love modern with a classic look. I am fan of old.

Thanks Suzi, I love that kind of furnature. The leaded glass cabinet in the dining room was my mum's for over 20 years and she said it would look great in your house. It does :) I am so pleased with it. And thankful that she gave it to me. its over 100 years old.

Stella, that is a huge transformation. And one that looks great. It must feel great to have such a kitchen now.

11-05-15, 08:51 PM
Wow! You lot! Who needs Laurence Llewellyn Bowen? :)

11-05-15, 09:11 PM
Right, when I move house then you lot can come and decorate it for me. I promise I'll make the tea/coffee and might even make you some of my special cookies!

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11-05-15, 09:21 PM
I'm useless at decorating really. I would've loved to have done more with my kitchen but budget and time restraints curbed my creativity. I have run out of money for the bathroom and everything else was just brightened up a bit cos I wanted it all functional and ready for the boys to come home. Total waste of time that was.

11-05-15, 09:22 PM
Not at all...

11-05-15, 10:19 PM
Not at all Stella. Having a nice environment that you created will help lift your mood.
Welf, I think you mean plasterboard?
Suzi, erm... 'special' cookies?

My furniture is half back in place. We got fed up of moving it so that's that for tonight. The edging strips are on now, they were pretty quick to do. A bit of the skirting board fell off though haha.

12-05-15, 08:20 AM
Special as in amazing, lovely, fantastic - not "special" in that way! :) Although that's a thought....

12-05-15, 08:38 AM
Oops for the skirting board!

17-05-15, 07:35 PM
Ok, I just took some pictures of the bathroom. The bathroom was the same since 1995 as far as I can look back. The whole ceiling had to come out because there was so much mold and things in the plasterboard (thanks Rose :)) And I put up a small glass wall next to the bath instead of a curtain.

When I moved in it needed a lot of cleaning. Mold everywhere and the tiles where so greasy and dirty. But we got it clean and it does feel like my bathroom now.



The last one even has me in it. A shame of the picture but i could not take it otherwise haha


In my cleaning clothes :)

And yes Rose, the word was plasterboard. We make a lot of inner walls with it. And I did need to put at least 2 walls and a ceiling in with plasterboard and give it a propper finish.

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17-05-15, 08:09 PM
Welf, will you marry me? I need a man who can to sort this dive I live in, lol

17-05-15, 08:24 PM
Haha is it so bad you would marry me..

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17-05-15, 08:29 PM
I love a guy who is good with his hands ;)

17-05-15, 09:21 PM
I think you look fabulous! What a lovely bathroom!

17-05-15, 09:39 PM
Welf, hunni, That last pictures great :)

17-05-15, 09:53 PM
Such a super clean bathroom, and a handsome man in picture 3! :)

27-05-15, 07:40 PM
Here are the tiles and fire basket I picked up at the reclamation yard today :)


27-05-15, 07:47 PM
I love the tiles. And that fire basket is lovely.

27-05-15, 08:44 PM
Those are beautiful!

27-05-15, 09:34 PM

27-05-15, 10:29 PM
The tiles are from a church floor apparently, they are so beautiful.
The mixed stock bricks are being delivered either on Friday or Monday.
Work starts mid June.

28-05-15, 08:56 AM
Fabulous! Can't wait to see it finished!

28-10-15, 09:51 PM
I had a dream the other day that I woke up in a bedroom painted in pale blue, with high ceilings and picture rail.
Well, I can't have the high ceilings but I can have everything else.
The paint is chosen and I've got no idea when its going to be done, but the bedroom will be blue, with a picture rail, hopefully this year.

this is the colour:

28-10-15, 10:15 PM
That's lovely!!

06-12-15, 09:51 PM
From this:
http://i1331.photobucket.com/albums/w599/beautifulpricklyrose/x207067_10150552699535296_6787001_n_zpsx6nl0qdm.jp g

to this:

Just need the mirror and firebasket now. And the surround is only hanging on one hook right now so it needs a few more so it doesn't fall over!

06-12-15, 10:02 PM
That's beautiful, Rose

07-12-15, 03:15 PM
Looks really good Rose.

07-12-15, 03:19 PM
That is beautiful! What a fantastic transformation!

07-12-15, 04:40 PM
Wow Rose. Now I can see where you are coming from, with all that upset, your house is not your own when you have workers in. But the work you have done is brilliant.

07-12-15, 04:49 PM
Thanks all. What a lot of work. My bathroom is finished now, I'll try and post some pictures later.

07-12-15, 04:51 PM
That looks lovely hun x

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07-12-15, 06:08 PM
You've done a lovely job of that. Feel free to come pay me a visit and sort my dive out lol

07-12-15, 06:11 PM
Hooray for a finished bathroom! Is that it for a while? No more workspeople?

07-12-15, 06:14 PM
Enjoy your first shower in the new bathroom. You certainly deserve it.

07-12-15, 08:29 PM
OK, here goes:

07-12-15, 08:58 PM
That's beautiful!

07-12-15, 09:26 PM
Oh wow! I have serious bathroom envy ......

07-12-15, 10:14 PM
Oh wow! I have serious bathroom envy ......

Ah yes, but I have serious kitchen envy, so we're even ;)

07-12-15, 10:59 PM
Oh wow! I have serious bathroom envy ......

Ah yes, but I have serious kitchen envy, so we're even ;)

I can beat that I've both bathroom & kitchen envy.