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  1. Distraction Techniques
  2. Tablet reminders
  3. Anxiety & Depression Hell..*TRIGGERS*
  4. Taking Care of You - the important stuff
  5. Time Passing By and Fear of Failure *Triggers*
  6. I need a bit of a confidence boost *trigger*
  7. Venturing out of the dark *TRIGGERS*
  8. Hi everyone
  9. Setback *Triggers* *SU SH triggers*
  10. Miss Sparkles *Triggers*
  11. My story *SU TRIGGERS*
  12. ophelia's room TRIGGERS
  13. Going out brings out the fat.
  14. Who to talk to??? **su triggers**
  15. Don't know where to turn or what to do
  16. Contemplating a doctor visit *SU*
  17. Well that's Christmas cancelled
  18. Toxic relationship?
  19. Bouts of loneliness/depression despite medication
  20. need some advice *SU TRIGGERS*
  21. New year new start ?
  22. I am Groot
  23. General musings and random ramblings *TRIGGERS*
  24. A new thread for the new year
  25. New year more depression
  26. How to let go
  27. Support
  28. New to this - don't know where to turn!!!
  29. Wanting to run away *SH trigger*
  30. New to this site, not to depression *SU trigger*
  31. I am out of my depth on this one
  32. Letting it out
  33. I'm back, sorry
  34. Breaking the barrier and seeking help? *SU TRIGGER
  35. Help
  36. A ton of bricks on the brain day.
  37. I need help
  38. Coping with having something stolen from me
  39. Hi **SH Trigger Warning
  40. Being irrational
  41. its a hard dayy....
  42. Currently suicidal. triggering pls be careful
  43. Trigger Warning - I am not sure what I need to do
  44. Need someone to talk to in liverpool
  45. Relationship advice
  46. Personal Entry but I don't care. I need some hope.
  47. I came very close to letting my guard down
  48. depression with body pain, help pls
  49. No one to talk to
  50. My story/rant *maybe trigger warning*
  51. Finally a diagnosis and the MH team listened
  52. Issues with work or am I being sensitive.
  53. Acting Like a Healthy Person
  54. Those unhelpful phrases people say........
  55. Not coping with life
  56. Do ADHD causes depression?
  57. Why do I still feel like I'm sinking?
  58. I have depression with good reason! **AB trigger**
  59. Finding it hard
  60. Does anyone know
  61. How do you all cope.
  62. Does any 1 go to an meeting for this rubbish illne
  63. JuicyLucy's Thoughts Thread
  64. Running off a cliff *potential SU trigger*
  65. Hey guys! Need Advice if possible **SH Trigger**
  66. Job is making me feel suicidal *SU TRIGGERS*
  67. professionals make me feel worse TRIGGER WARNING
  68. 50 yrs of depression-try anti-depressants again?
  69. Off my chest *SH SU Triggers*
  70. Don't know what to do about work (SH)
  71. Self Injuury Awareness Day 2018 *SH Trigger*
  72. No trust anymore
  73. Nothing changes **Trigger warning**
  74. I feel numb?...*SH, AB and SU Triggers*
  75. Back here again
  76. a curious dream
  77. I am so run down
  78. Anyone tried cbd oil other alternative therapies?
  79. Assesment tomorrow
  80. Depression back again, after doing so well
  81. A little bit of good news
  82. Loneliness
  83. Complete Dispair.
  84. Mattu *SU trigger*
  85. I don't know who I am anymore
  86. Struggling to get over someone
  87. Newbie and my story
  88. I'm new...
  89. Sorry I'm new and need to talk (triggers)
  90. Back on edge *triggers*
  91. steph's journey ***truiggers*******
  92. Generosity
  93. If you need any motivation
  94. What an awful day at work
  95. I don't know how I feel?
  96. Feeling alone and isolated *SU possible triggers*
  97. So Lonely.... Please somebody talk to me.
  98. I hate mornings